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Sizzling Hot Jackpot Slots at Wheel of Fortune Casino Where the Prizes Keep Rising!

There are a lot of rewards up for grabs in our collection of sizzling hot Jackpot Slots! Every time you play slots online, you’re guaranteed the thrill of stunning visuals, exciting game features, and a shot at unlocking major jackpot prizes that are seriously worth playing for. Here are some highlights to get you inspired!

Jackpot Slots vs. Regular Slots

What is the difference between Jackpot Slots and regular slots? A Jackpot Slot is also called a “Progressive Slot” because the size of the prize keeps increasing every time a player contributes to the pot by making a bet. Regular online slots have fixed prizes no matter how many people play, how much is wagered, or how many times they’re won.

Jackpot Slots can offer sizzling hot wins, sometimes in the millions of dollars, particularly if they run across a network of casino sites. As a lucky winner walks away with their life-changing haul, the value of the jackpot returns to its default amount and starts to climb again as players make their bets.

Mega Jackpots®

If you’re after colossal real money prizes, show-stopping design, and supersized action, Mega Jackpot Slots will get your heart racing with five or more reels of fun and a shot at trying to net a mega fortune.

Play the best online slots in the IGT Mega Jackpots® series and get a cracking chance at hitting a jackpot if Lady Luck’s on your side. Each jackpot keeps right on climbing every time a player makes a wager on these thrilling online casino games.

Take Your Shot at Big-Time Jackpot Slots

Get in on all the jackpot action at Wheel of Fortune Casino and take your shot at a chance to win huge real money prizes. But that’s not all. When you register at our site, you get access to not only your favorite Wheel of Fortune casino games, but the exclusive casino games, latest new casino games, and thrilling online casino table games – entertainment that’s fun, reliable, and delivered straight to your home or your hand!